EII Improvements

EII Site Improvements

Minor front-end design¬†improvements for UNC’s Eshelman Institute for Innovation site. No one requested changes to be made, but I noticed simple fixes that could improve the navigation and aesthetic of the site and created comps and once they were approved, made the necessary CSS and HTML changes. I also selected, edited and replaced all stock images with photos from our own library.¬†Click photos to view live site.

The changes I made are shown in the photo banner, story thumbnails, fonts, spacing and colors. The pharmacy school has an updated style guide with additional colors which I implemented in the banner information. I also replaced the stock photos with our own photos. The “Recent News” and “Events” section were previously split into two even columns and I decided to use a larger column for the recent news section so we could increase the thumbnail size and orientation. I also removed the border radius on the buttons and event thumbnails. There were minor font-weight and color changes throughout the site as well.






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