Burke Client Site

BURKE Client Site

I have removed all branding and content from this site as it is has not been built yet. We were given a rough site map and some example competitor sites from the clients to create some comps for their new site. My comp was selected out of three by the clients to move forward with. I wanted the site to be simple and easily navigable for an middle-aged demographic, but I also wanted it to look clean and modern.

The comp displays a full-screen image at the top that I envisioned that being a cinemagraph of the workings in the facility or a detail of their process. The nav at the top will remain at the top of screen, changing to a dark font on a white background with the client logo to appear in the left corner. All of the navigational links are anchor links to the content on the single-scroll homepage except for the “careers” link as that goes to an external site. Development has not yet begun.