AngularJS Senator App

AngularJS Senator App

For my first project in Advanced Interactive Media I created an app for the 2016 Senatorial Race. This project was more about functionality and implementing AngularJS than design for me, but I am hoping to go back and add more CSS customization to the design and copy edit the text.

The app offers information about the contested seats for the 2016 election. I created JSON file with data for all of the contested senators and used AngularJS to dynamically write the HTML. The code can be viewed at my github repo.

The site is sortable by search, and two drop downs. All three can be used simultaneously to further narrow your results. On hover the candidates box is highlighted in gray and you can click to view more information in a modal window. The opposing candidates and states uncontested senator can be viewed here as well.

The site is responsive and will work properly on all device sizes.